Harmony Tea Room

Tea Menu...We proudly serve over 27 varieties of  high quality loose tea.

Black Tea... Black teas go through a 4 step process which involves withering of the leaf, rolling,fermenting and firing.Black teas are fully fermented before firing giving them their look and recognizable tea smell.

Golden Monkey...A light bodied tea with a  mild taste of honey.

Earl Grey...Flavored with oil of bergamot, a mediteranean citrus fruit.

Irish Breakfast...A blend of teas excellent any time of day.

Chocolate...Sound tempting? This treat infuses the flavor of rich chocolate with the bright, full taste of Ceylon black tea.

Masala  Chai...Superb body with exotic Indian spice notes.

Vanilla...Combines the delecate flavor of sweet vanilla beans and Ceylon tea.

Margaret's Hope Darjeeling...From one of Darjeeling's best known estates. This tea has a lovely muscatel flavor with a delicate astringency.

Lover's Leap Ceylon... From the high grown district in Ceylon known for teas that are light and flavorful.

Icewine...Delicious pear notes with hints of berry and caramel.

To enhance the natural flavors consumption with sugar is recommended.

Green Teas...the tea leaves are steamed to prevent fermentation retaining their natural color.

Sencha...Japan's most popular everyday tea.

Genmaicha..Has a toasted rice slightly sweet and nutty flavor.

Jasmine... Presents a captivating floral character

Crime of Passion...Fruity notes of passion fruit and papaya

Decaf Teas...Decaffeinated in a chemical free CO2 environment producing a superior tasting decaf tea.


Earl  Grey , Irish Breakfast


Rooibos [ROY-bos]...Originating from South Africa this caffeine free beverage is high in anti-oxidants and loaded with minerals.

Florida Orange

Bourbon St. Vanilla

Rainbow...Delicious fruit medley with Amaretto notes.


Tisanes...naturally caffeine free made from flowers, fruits,spices or herbs.

Egyptian Chamomile


Bella Coola...pretty in pink with subtle orange and pineapple flavors.


Iced Teas

Georgia Peach Rooibos...Caffeine free mouthwatering peach notes.

Mango Mist...The flavor of fresh mango virtually jumps out of the glass.

Satsuma...refreshing combination of passion fruit and lime.


Wine Inspired Teas
While it could be fun these teas are non-alcoholic. They simlpy celebrate the flavors of wine and tea together.

White Tea Riesling-Light and aromatic.Honeysuckle,jasmine,apricot and lemon combine to celebrate the unique characteristics of Riesling.

Pu-ehr Cabernet-Full bodied, dark and decdent with hints of black cherry,clove, vanilla and spice. like Cabernet, Pu-ehr is one of the few teas in the world that ages well.

Green Tea Savignon-Medium bodied with a burst of fresh grapefruit offering a racy hint of crisp acidity.